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Demi Davidow

Qualified Biokineticist

Registered as a Biokineticist in 2017, sports massage therapist in 2017, exercise scientist, strength and conditioning coach AND is currently completing her PhD at UCT on decreasing injury risk and improve performance in the tackle for Rugby Union using a novel contact simulator.

“I love to educate individuals on how the human body works and show the possibilities available if one takes care and uses the body correctly. Helping someone achieve their goals be it in athletic performance or simply performing daily tasks is rewarding beyond words. My passions are vast from orthopaedic, sports performance to chronic decease management. I have developed and implemented a concussion rehabilitation programme which is novel in concussion management”

Since graduating from the university of Cape Town, Demi has volunteered at the University of Cape Town RFC, SK Walmers junior RFC. Demi has also worked at Cape Sports medicine (one of the leading sports medical practices in South Africa) and done sports massages for teams such as UCT RFC to the Queenslands Reds RFC. She is currently published in the Journal of Science and medicine in sport with many new publications to follow.

In addition to her Biokinetics, Demi offers sports massages for athletes to recover and restore between their intensive training schedules. Book in with Demi for a rejuvenating massage that will leave you feeling eased up and ready for your training to continue!


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