Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Fascial Massage at the SRC

Meet Your Practitioner

Vicky Johns

Certified Rebalancing Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

Working with the body is my speciality. As well as being a qualified Yoga Teacher I have been working with my clients for several years to help change their relationship and attitude towards their bodies, by providing fluidity and ease of movement.

My Body Rebalancing and Fascial Deep Tissue approach works by being uniquely tuned into YOUR body needs. It is a beautiful and strong combination of deep tissue myofascial release and ‘mindful’ massage therapy, creating equilibrium in the body. The technique works with the body by guiding the connective tissue to lengthen, soften and release any tension we hold onto.

Whether an athlete, suffering from chronic pain, or looking to balance and align your body, this is truly one of the most effective forms of physical release and can improve the quality of your life. The process can increase mobility, promote healing, lower the level of stress hormones, reduce inflammation, enhance quality of sleep and relieves stressed or overworked muscles.

I understanding the way in which the physical and energetic body can hold onto pain and tapping into releasing that for my clients. Along with my Yoga Teaching, it is another way in which I strive to help people feel better and live better.