Holistic Health Coaching at the SRC

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Kim Reilly

Certified Health Coach 

After finishing high school, Kim completed her Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Stellenbosch, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship at the University of Cape Town. During this postgraduate year, Kim and her team created a venture known as “Thrift”. Thrift went to charity stores as the company purchased second hand clothing for material which they converted into trendy, sustainable backpacks where they employed the exquisite locals to manufacture them.

Following this, Kim spent 4 years in the yachting industry, sailing the seas, seeing beauty and allowing her the time to find her passion: health, wellness, nutrition, and all things holistic. Whilst still working on the boat, Kim completed her online studies with Integrative Nutrition, based in New York.


As a Certified Health Coach, with additional studies in gut health as her specialty, Kim is ready to take on the world, share her truth and help others on their personal journey to wellness.

Now that Kim has returned home from her overseas adventures, she has joined the SRC team as our very own Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. In addition to this service offering, Kim has completed her 200hr YTT and is one of our two amazing yoga instructors, offering yoga classes at the SRC studio. 

We're all works in progress.

"The path to ultimate health is different for all humans big and small, and we go at a pace that is suitable for you. Our goal is to get you to the point you want to be - and we will get you there come rain or shine. And, by the power invested in technology – we can do this from any part of the globe, I’ll meet you online. So, don’t wait until tomorrow to start, start today – it can be day one, or one day, the choice is up to you…" - Kim Reilly

What Services Are Offered by Kim?

As a Holistic Health Coach, Kim will guide you through a process of self discovery from what happens day-to-day as well as how to effectively get you to where YOU want to be as a happier, healthier and more balanced self. Take a read at the below description of the process from Kim herself, to give you a better idea of what you will be in for throughout this program.  

What: This is where you take your very first step into investing in your health, and book your Health History session.

Details: Here, you’ll fill out a form with tons of questions revolving around your health and overall lifestyle and wellness. Dating way, way back to when you were a little avocado in the womb. Through this session we’ll get to know each other on a more personal level and talk about all the in’s and out’s of YOU and what happens on your day-to-day.

– Outcome: This is where we start to uncover your focus for being here and reveal the struggles you are facing and the changes you wish to see. This is a very important session, as this is where we build the foundation of your wellness journey and establish the goals you wish to achieve. From here we move on to Step Two!

Once you have completed your health history you may proceed onto your program with me. To allow you to apply a solution which best suits you, I have a range of different styled programs on offer. We’re all different so choose a solution which feels best to you!


– Length: 50 minutes of virtual one on one time where we pick up where we left off from your health history session. This is a once-off session (of course you can book more as you go, but if this is something you’re vibing then we should head over to the 6 month program outlined in option two…).

– Details: We will dive deeper into your primary concerns, and develop goals and strategies to overcome and conquer these issues through diet and lifestyle adjustments. As our time is short, we will have to focus on only one aspect of the whole – which although is extremely helpful, is not as beneficial as focusing on all aspects of the whole which is what we achieve in the 6-month program. See option 2 below!


– Length: 2 x 50-minute sessions per month for 6 months. This is where we really find the root cause of all disease.

– Details: Here, we deconstruct your primary food (emotional, social and environmental influences) and find the imbalances and ways to balance them. We also have a good squiz to see what goes onto your plate and into your belly on a daily basis, and really get to the core of your health and see what foods truly work for YOU. P.S. this is a diet-free zone just to be clear!

– Outcomes: We will holistically uncover your deepest desires, aspirations and easy-peezy action steps to achieving these dreams. Additionally, we will work through 1-3 recommendations/adjustments per session, as this is a “slow is pro” approach, we aim to achieve lifelong healthy habits, not quick fixes! Furthering this, throughout this program we will construct 2 x progress reports to show you just how far you’ve actually come and what a phenom you truly are.

– Added benefits: You’ll receive heaps of extra info along the way – books, recipes, plenty handouts, meditations and even some yoga! Together we will be giving you a healthy outside, starting from the inside. WE PROMISE!


Details coming soon!


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