Dietetics at the SRC

Meet Your Practitioner

Tamsyn Matheson

Qualified Dietitian

Hi, I’m Tamsyn but everyone calls me Tam. 

Sport has always been a passion of mine so I combined my qualifications in Sport Science with Dietetics and formally registered with the South African and UK health boards in 2018. Since then I furthered my formal training and joined a small network of graduates through completing the International Olympic Committee’s Sport Nutrition Diploma in 2021. 

I work with athletes to help them understand their training needs and translate this into foods that will fit their preferences and lifestyle whilst still supporting their performance goals. I work with athletes from across the world and from a all sports codes. This ranges from professional international rugby players to amateur netball players and even teenage athletes. Although sport is my passion, I can also help those who want to better their way of living through delicious food. 


Nutrition does not need to be boring but will only work if it aligns to the your lifestyle. This is why, I always look to understand my clients preferences and lifestyle before providing recommendations and plans. It is highly rewarding for me to be part of someone else’s journey towards wellness—a privilege I don’t take lightly!